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Post Info TOPIC: Jerry Byroad Bob some info please.

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Jerry Byroad Bob some info please.

Maybe a lot of guys on here do not know how hard core Jerry is when it comes to crow hunting and it would be great if you could fill us in on him.

I know last year when we talked you were telling me how great of a shooting day Jerry had the day before something like 80% and as you said "they were not cream puffs either".

Jerry also produced and sold crow decoys. Maybe you could take a picture of the JB crow decoy in your basement and post it up for us.  And if anyone has one of these let me know what it takes to get one from you.  I started my collection of crow hunting stuff.

I know last year I saw the med bag Jerry had and it was like wow most guys would  be sitting around on a couch or in bed but not Jerry he had black bandits on the brain.

Also please let us know if can think of anything special we can do for Jerry to help him make it out there with you this year.  Maybe a ecard we can all sign onto.  Jerry is a very special man and I hope he can make it out there again.  In fact I will bet you a beer he makes it out there.  Tell him I said hi.  I am going to call him this week again.


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Hello John,

You're heart is in the right place.

If Jerry makes it out here for this season I'm quite sure it will be his last, he has been on borrowed time for the past couple of years.

You are quite right, most guys would have given up by now, but the hunting is what keeps him going, something to look forward too. He can't hunt alone but he knows I'll take him for as long as he is able to do it.

I have one of his old crow decoys in my museum, it sits by my crow call collection. If you call Jerry he would more than likely send you one of his old crow decoys. Very few "Byroade" crow decoys are out there so you would really have something special. Jerry is related to the Fiercobb brothers who invented the face mask for crow hunting back in the late 1950's. They made there own and hunted crows in Maryland. They had several articles written about them in the early 1960's. All the crows were pretty soft in those days, all they used were Winchester model 42's in 410 gauge. They used the 3 inch hulls with a 3/4 ounce load of 7 1/2's.

I will tell Jerry you said hello next time I talk to him.

Bob A.

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