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Distance to roost

I recall reading a thread about how close to a roost you can hunt crows without busting the roost, but I forget (old-timers disease, you know) what that distance was. If a farmer wants me to move crows out....sure shoot the roost, that's what he asked me to do hmm . But how close can I come to a roost without spoiling it for future hunts???



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Depends Pat. On a windy evening one can shoot quite close to a roosting area and not much disturb the occupants of the roost...say 3-400 yards away.

I love to shoot flyways leading to the roosting or staging locations as birds are more spread out over a longer period of time. Shooting is more relaxed and the kill is larger IMO.

I shot a "smallish" roost last August and September of about 3000 birds and did not dare to set up much closer than about a half mile. Killed just over 200 birds from that group in four consecutive solo shoots before the crows left for the south.

As for your "situation" with a land owner wanting the crows out, shooting in the roost would most likely do just that. You being from the Maritimes I would suspect plenty of other suitable roosting locatons would be readily available for crows to re-locate to.

If it was me I think I would watch the crows for a morning or evening or two and enjoy a couple good shoots quarter mile or so away before busting them out. Just my 2 cents worth, good luck and keep us posted!



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