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Post Info TOPIC: the new paint and a bird in the hand question

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the new paint and a bird in the hand question

Well i said i would get back to you all on the topic of UVISION paint used for duck/goose decoys.  Now mind you i have only hunted with these decoys painted a few weekends  but this is what i have found so far.   the decoys are really black!, super tough paint, a little shine to them with dew in the morning,,, but no visual flaring from birds.   goes on easy but expensive   25 dollars a quart but that covered 40 decoys.  Won't give you any more opinions till i hunt with them a whole season.  BUT here is the question, in the early morning at first light if a LARGE flock of birds comes in to a feeding spread set up  is it maybe best to not shoot and educate the flock and kill only a couple   or scare them off   and hope to get more later in the day? 

Richard Erhardt

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I can usually hear all kinds of birds but they come in in small groups. That's a tough call. I've tried it both ways and had bad results both ways I now say to my self bust what you can when you have the shot. IMO
then switch sounds after a few min break and see if you get any takers and switch to another sound. Keep repeting till one of a few things happen you run out of sounds if so try em all again. You run out of ammo if so you will never do that again. You run out of targets well you gave em heck that's all that we can do.
I have had them ignore 2-3 sounds but bam hit the right one and there on ya. Sounds like maybe phd already.

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