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A Day of Two Chads

Well I started off today with the family at some fall thing at some plant place. As to where I ran into an old friend Chad G. We talked for a minute then he asked about my hunting season. I pretty much told him that for me deer were out and coyotes and crows were in. Then I told him as soon as I can get away from here my butt was hitting the woods. I was in a Crow kind of mood. He just grinned and I told him that if he wanted to go he was more than welcome. Once we were able to get the folks away from the plant place I gave Chad the come on lets go call. He showed up, we loaded up and took off. On the way over I had the chance to go over how things would go and how late afternoon hunting was going to be. He just smiled. We hit the first location and took off across the field. We crossed the hedgerow to come to this.

We had passed some crows leaving on the walk in. I jumped into action to set up the Foxpro and away we went. Just as soon as the caller went off we had two clear the treeline. Well let just say the newbie did not come to play. Chad and the 20 are pretty deadly. Just ask the crow.

I was able to knock the other down into some brush but as usual finding him was a loss. We were looking at our options when the phone rang. It was my cousin Chad T. He asked the question as to what I was up to. So I told him. He whinnied, so I told him to get ready and we would be on the way. Once we made it to my uncles we picked up Chad T and his buddy Lucas. We headed to the power lines to bust some more. I figured that as late as it was I would try something a little different. We stayed on the road inside of the tree line.

I figured that it was going to get interesting. It did. Just as soon as the caller went off the birds came in and the guns went a blazing. I actually lost my thoughts when I could see tree limbs fallen dew to all the gun fire. Then I had a bird land with in about 5 foot of me. Once it hit the ground I kind of took a step back dew to the fact of the crow looking up at me. He had that Mad Crow look on his face, well right up to the point of a load of #6 shutting him down. Chad G and Lucas had no choice but to pose for this one.

We pulled up from there to move about 100 yards down to see if we could call them back.

That spot worked out pretty good to. Even for Chad T and his broken tapped up wrapped in shrink wrapped fingers he was able to pull one out.

It was getting late, Lucas had to get to his girlfriends house. She was blowing his phone up. SNAP THAT WHIP!!!!!!!!!! is what we kept telling him. So with the two Chads we made one last run at it. I figured that the only way we were going to pull something out was to go deep. So we did.

We came out in a small 60 foot hole.

We were able to stir the birds up but only one came in. The bird that came in was picked up over at RDU airport. Anything that flies that high has to have landing numbers and lights. After about 15 minutes of calling and trying to blow out our eardrums I knew that this day was done. All in all it was a good day. I got to hang out with an old friend, Chad G, to which now that we are back in touch it won't be our last. I got to hang out with my cousin Chad T and his little buddy Lucas. It was one of those days that the more made the merrier.



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Hi Puppy
Great post and picks!!biggrin



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