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When it rain's it pours, But i did get a good laugh....

With rifle season starting this weekend i wanted to get one more taste of some action before hand. So i took my friend Marvin with me to a feeding area where we could get maby 15 to 30 birds. Marvin is the 75 year old gentleman who does real good at shooting skeet but on a crow hunt he cant sit still, he misses a lot of crows, and his 1100 always seems to have issues !

We get to the spot at first light & the farmer has the gate locked. He never lock's the gate. I text him &  he says he wants to keep deer hunters out & he's not available to unlock it. Parking & walking is out of the question. So we go to another of his field's a couple miles away. I knew it wouldn't be very productive but it beats going back home. We set up in a heavily bushy area where a pipeline crosses a creek by the cut hay field. Decoy's out, sentry way up there on the hot stick, Johnny blaring at full volume & a few came in & flared off. Then i hear some talking. I thought Marvin spotted some incoming behind us so i turn around & about 100 feet behind me was two Mexican fella's & their work truck parked on the road. They were looking at thing's trying to figure out just what the heck was going on ! I stood up & i thought they were going to soil their britches when they saw me !! Then Marvin stands up & they are realy freaked out ! LOL. Turns out they were mowing for the pipeline right of way so we had to pack it up.

So not a shot fired yet, I have one more stop on the way home for a quick run & gun. I at least want Marvin to get something. Park at the entry of 160 acre field & we walk about 200 yards & get set up.about the time i turn the caller on here comes a tractor pulling & grain drill right by us, I just wave, Then a couple minutes later here comes his pickup. What else can go wrong ? Well i'll tell you. We called some in & Marvin got one & it was a hopper and of course as expected he's messing with his gun to get the bull crap reload shell out of the chamber !! ( totally expected ) . Then the hopper gets out about 100 yards & i go to the distress call & in come 9 or 10 circling the hopper but would not close the gap.I tried to get them within range but no such luck. We packed it up & i was nervous driving home wondering what else could go wrong. It felt good to hit the driveway !


The older i get, the more i like it the old way !

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