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Post Info TOPIC: Your shotgun (or pistol or rifle) is an engine!

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Your shotgun (or pistol or rifle) is an engine!

Yup, sure is! Most, maybe all already knew this. But have you ever thought of how much horsepower your crow buster generates? I did, so recently I contacted a Physics professor at University of North Carolina and posed the question to him. I asked him how much horsepower it would take to accelerate a 1.125 oz. mass from zero to 1250 feet per second in .003 thousandths of a second. After crunching the numbers, he figured it would take 1038 horsepower! Remember that your shotgun is a heat engine, and burns chemical propellent to produce heat, which generates pressure in the barrel to push the load of shot out of the barrel. 

It seems impossible that this is true, but your shotgun only produces that much horsepower for only .003 thousandths of a second, each time the gun is fired, in the above example. 

Heavier shotgun loads would produce considerably more horsepower. 

Bob Aronsohn once told me that I just did'nt have enough to do after I figured how many tons of crows that he had killed. Guess he is right!




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Ken, here is your assignment,. multiply 172,806 crows by one pound each? 16 ounces to the pound so this ought to be gigantic !

You doing ok ?

Bob A.

Bob Aronsohn
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